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Rhenanda wakes in a room with a case of amnesia. She hears a voice telling her she should leave, as it is not safe. She finds the door locked, and the voice speaks once more: "This place is not my territory. Beware of the ghosts inhabiting it!"

What does this voice mean by "it's territory"? Is this place really haunted? How did she even get here in the first place, and how can she leave? Also, where is this voice coming from, and who does it belong to?

Play this game to get the answers

Gameplay features:
-Quick-time events
-Something unexpected

Z - Interact/Ok (Hold Z For Skip Text And Event)
C - Menu
X - Cancel/Back
Arrow Keys - Walk
Shift - Run
A - View Controls

P.S: They are just ghosts, they like to messing with you (so be patient)

"Life is important"
'There's nothing important than life"
"Don't waste your life!!"

"Everyone has a problem and they have a solution to solve it"


To Find Myself (2017).rar 231 MB